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Great Australian and Italian Red Wines at Affordable Prices !

Australian Wines

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Australian Wine Industry

Australian wine has won an international reputation for quality and value. Australian wines have taken key international awards, competing favourably against longer-established national wine industries. Innovative Australian winemakers are sought internationally for their expertise.

Australia produces a full range of favoured wine styles, from full-bodied reds and deep, fruity whites through to sparkling, dessert and fortified styles. Prized Australian bottlings grace the menus of many of the world’s leading restaurants, while popular varietal and blended wines compete on the shelves of wine shops and supermarkets in over 80 countries around the world.

In global terms, Australia was ranked sixth in the list of world wine producers in 2005, producing 1.4 billion litres of wine. Australia is consistently one of the top 10 wine-producing countries in the world. Being such a large country with almost every climate and soil type, Australia is one of the few wine producers to make every one of the major wine styles.